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January 25 2014


Eating in Mongolia

Nevertheless, do not underestimate how well the local cuisine not only taste , but also can do. The best cure for homesickness (which devastated us but not to any significant degree ) and is familiar fare Whether in reverse with exotic food also helps in wintry Germany against burgeoning wanderlust, remains to be verified. In any case, we found the many culinary excursions as an extension of our horizon. It was the proverbial views of the city of Hongkong - in the truest sense of the word.

Traveled to foreign countries , we must not only foreign languages, set up new or unfamiliar food crops, but also to other customs. It is often easier to like us , we acquire new habits than to store them again , if you come about in countries where these are considered to be bad manners. This applies primarily to table manners. In Asia, we took over there consistent behavior from which we knew that we would sooner or later have to take. Smack slurp , spit under tables - that is not going anywhere. And that's a good thing.

We thought we could eat with chopsticks, assumed that we can use our hands. To eat soup with chopsticks or incorporate into sauce soaked rice by hand , but first it had to get used to. But of course, customs and traditions not only refer to the table manners. We were as surprised as impressed with countries where social life takes place in public. And no one seemed to miss this. Open doors , open before those people were friendly and welcomed us were not uncommon , but first of all unusual for us and we look at boat Ferry Dover Dunkirk .

We learned many details about typical practices such as politeness and respect expressions. We tried to keep these to use. And even if it did not matter the language barrier always easy , so our effort was our good will but often recognized and rewarded with kindness and warmth.

But foreign customs and habits not only drive positive blossoms. Harmless one spends his nights in rancid descent , in bunk beds with stained sheets , to get even a week without a shower and it does its necessities to squat toilets that defy any description and not always have doors. It does it all with , developed a whole new threshold of tolerance , talking and laughing about it, but we could really get used to and we did not want it. There are just things that have become important to us due to our conditioning and socialization. Toilet paper and a certain minimum of sanitary hygiene are also included on boat Ferry Dover Calais .

"Bus , train , motorbike , boat? Do I know , I 'm driven. " What initially not very spaktakulär sounds , but for us was definitely an experience. Course we were already before the trip in a bus or a train , but are between a Russian or Chinese night train and a Central European commuter worlds. not just in terms of punctuality on this trip. different transport was to get not only a means to get from a to B, but also the time that we spent on the road , rail, water was an end in itself.

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From Poland to Russia

In the preparation of the tour and the experience of the cycling marathon in 2008 from Athens to Beijing with a flow , a six-month cycle tour , which was a unique experience for all participants.He who accompanied the tour will be in 2011 from beginning to end and back again to ensure that all participants reach the destination in high spirits like boat Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam .

To travel for all participants to make an experience we limited to 12 the number of participants. In addition , the tour guide , from the beginning on the bike and take care of the welfare of the guests , as well as the bikes. On the entire route a support vehicle for luggage transport is available to us. In the escort vehicle also accommodate three people will be if someone even not feel good or ill. In Poland , the Baltic States and Russia, as well as in China, we will have almost exclusively for hotel and hostel accommodation, in Mongolia , we will spend the night in typical besides hotels in camps and boat Ferry Belfast Cairnryan .

For important sights in the cities and throughout Mongolia are our local guides on hand to familiarize ourselves with local characteristics. Our daily routes of 80 to 100 kilometers are to create for every cyclist who has a little tour experience. Important for us is not to reach as quickly as possible destination for the day , but travelling together and there will be no problem for us to take on not so strong and female drivers consideration.

Of course , we aim to ride the entire route , but we want to come along and cyclists who do not have enough time for the entire tour , giving the opportunity and so did the tour again divided into individual sections , which they find in the attached table can. The data given here may change slightly with boat Ferry Belfast Liverpool .

After the overwhelming success of the first rock liner, which was sold in just four days and the passengers hit with live music by famous singers in the spell, now follows the new edition.

On the second skirt liner of Cruises will again, inspire the passengers. The four-day Northern European trip with the top-class live acts will be a memorable event for all. The trip begins and ends in Kiel and via Copenhagen to the extreme north of Europe to Oslo.

In addition to the fantastic live performances of rock liner also offers an excellent social program that leaves nothing to be desired genre-typical. On the upper deck of my ship are guitar sessions, films, documentaries and much more offers.

The popular Cruises got growth last month. With the new sister ship Celebrity not only complements the ocean liner Solstice, but unpaid at the same time also the successful in their fight against breast cancer respect. For in the baptismal ceremony continued Celebrity Cruises not as usual on a glamorous Avoid star.

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Visit of the Taersi Monastery

Active Buddhist life we can experience in Taersi Monastery, before we explore the secrets of the small Chinese street food in the last remaining narrow streets in Xining , the provincial capital of Qinghai Province. The Kloste Qutan is one of the cultural highlights of the trip , the complex of the Tang Dynasty 1,000 years of history has survived almost unscathed and unrenovated. Note the well-preserved frescoes and paintings in the corridors that illustrate the Buddhist history like in the BBC article.

Of Qutan we now climb into something " wilder " Tibet , on narrow roads here it goes over passes in infinitely wide and green highlands. Left and right of the road between the small settlements are the yaks our only admirers. On a fast descent we reach Hui area again and go through a Canion , who can offer the American Monument Valley confidently stand up with its red sandstone sculptures and on boat Ferry Cairnryan Belfast .

Can paint the art thankas and Buddhist paintings can not be learned in many places of the world, one of the most famous schools located on our way through the mountains, in Tongren. Here we can observe Buddhist artists at work in the religious pictures before we reach the largest Tibetan monastery outside the actual province of Tibet. In Xiahe we meet hundreds of pilgrims from all regions that hold the prayer wheels of the Labrang monastery in constant motion. In both monasteries can move freely in Tongren and just the absence of mass tourism makes it possible for the pilgrims , monks to look at their daily religious chores on the fingers and remember my first boat Ferry Dublin Holyhead .

Before we stopped again in the metropolis Lanzhou collection , we visit the Binglinsi caves were where beaten in over 200 niches and crevices countless Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the rock , among other things here is a 27 meter high Maitrea Buddha admire, then follows a recent small pass and we close the loop back to the historical silk Road and hit the Yellow River, the cradle of Chinese culture.

In Lanzhou, a cultural pot of Han Chinese , Chinese Muslims , the Hui and Tibetans , there is an excellent range of diverse street food in different directions. This lively metropolis is a fitting conclusion to our really busy tour that will leave from for each of us lasting and vivid impressions on the new boat Ferry Cairnryan Larne .

We stay in hotels in the cities sometimes by European standards , but in remote areas with some very simple hostel overnights expected , so you carry a light sleeping bag is recommended. For two nights it will not double. For this, the sight of the night sky from the toilet is so impressive.

In the fall of the rain falls in the border regions of Tibet , but also the temperature. During the day temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees fluctuate , it can , especially in the higher regions , already provide near-freezing temperatures. Sturdy shoes , gloves, waterproof clothing and a fleece so include in your luggage.

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Visit of the Cham Islands

To the question of when is actually rainy season , representing 10 Vietnamese least 11 opinions : in July and August , no, in September and into October , no, she has just started , so the weather is reliable only at Christmas again. Since I once listened to as a Bosnian in Bosnia in Bosnian trying to order a pizza , I am not of the opinion that a country need to speak his own language, or otherwise need to know about themselves know. If it rains , the rainy season : So easy things can be if you look a little bit relaxed like on my last ship Ferry Holyhead Dublin trip.

If the telephone ringing in the next room , I go to the phone : Warm air is bad for privacy. Who does not need thick walls , still insulated windows and doors, listening to his neighbors to the procreation of children. Or Australian tourists who rediscover their sex life on vacation. In the courtyard of the hotel echoes the moans of a woman on the swimming pool , while the bottom two employees flip cup as much chlorine into the water used as on ship Ferry Harwich Hook of Holland .

The clouds pass is cloud pass , because it fits into the clouds. And individual tourism is when you do things that are tedious enough that no one else wants to do it. After the first hour between Ho An and Da Nang even passes me slowly insane hardcore scooter moped Romance: tingling legs and arms , as if I had plugged in for an hour.

And what if the rickety bicycle remains lie somewhere in nowhere ? Or when a corrupt cop comes up with the idea to get us off the bike and efficient to milk ? Or when rearing in the mountains of the unpredictable storms in respect of which we reluctantly had to give up our look-out to the Cham Islands. I take a look at the new ship Ferry Dublin Liverpool.

As Europeans, we are rolling a sensation : Hello- hello- calls from the roadside accompany our way. Behind purchased a pack of chocolate biscuits as provisions , then it goes to 12 percent incline up the switchbacks. Since the tunnel was built to Hue , a car barely climbs up through the clouds , cows and goats go comfortably into the curves orphaned walk , climb over barriers to graze on the steep slopes.

The view is breathtaking : Deep Green Forest, far below the hem of the white sandy beach and the sea. The fishing boats up here sounds close enough to touch , even though they are at the distance only as small dots in the water. In the bellies of the clouds , it rains : Roadside we become two -propelled one-man tents : the green rain capes from the Goethe Institute goodness : and further we torment our decrepit metal ass up into the sky.

On the pass lurking hyenas : Who has been waiting all day with coffee , postcards and beads on a tourist who can not drive with a bit of " No, thank you." We are the ones who finally take flight : With a Where - are-you -from- come-to -my- shop- pack at the elbow , the best view is inedible. So just a quick visit to the clouds pass , we were there, that's the main thing. And carefully into the engine brake , braked descent : If the sheet donkeys come into shooting, she holds nothing more , at least not before the decades provided by the manufaferry, ferriesferry, ferriescturer brake pads.

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Winter on a Alaska Highway

Also on the way back to the west I 'm all alone. Sometimes I stop , fold my folding chair apart and take a while standing on the road course , to listen to the silence.. Not a bad way to get a feel for the country.

Exactly Doug also aims Lamalice with his tour " Walk a mile in my moccasins." The massive Dene Indians living south of Hay River and takes its guests on a two and a half mile journey through its culture. The spectacular Alexandra and Louise Falls are in Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park as a backdrop. " My mother Guests should feel and learn , instead of working with her against her nature on the Ship Ferry Liverpool Belfast . "

After a prayer we go marching. Doug tells of traditions and ceremonies , like his ancestors , the canoes moved to the drivable Wassrfälle and the boys were in solemn ceremonies to men. Although that was long ago , but the country is the same. It makes people , as they say here. Also to me it works. Every day falls a little more stress on me. The balancing act between past and present is not easy, says Doug , but there are also distinct advantages. " It used to take 14 days to reach the Great Slave Lake. Today we 'll be there in 45 minutes and want to Ship Ferry Liverpool Dublin next year.

In the Northwest Territories, the road condition is the main theme. To get information, but is as hard as a tangible suspicion to filter out tens of instructions. Prior to Fort Simpson , my next stop rains had made the Mackenzie Highway impassable, warns Doug at parting. During the next days I hear anything. The road is passable , impassable, soon to open, but maybe not.

My sources are road workers , other drivers and even the official website of Northwest Territories Transportation. The closer I get to Fort Simpson , the more uneasy I become. Mackenzie really should be locked, I do not reach namely the Liard Highway to British Columbia. Then I a 1200- kilometer detour was awaiting the neighboring province of Alberta, to get to the Alaska Highway. The most important rule of survival up here so I inevitably learn : Tanke , when you see a gas station. Although it is not necessary straight.

In Enterprise flickers on a digital billboard : "Fort Simpson ferry is in operation like Ship Ferry Pembroke Rosslare ." Facilitates and I go on a full tank on a dusty mixture of asphalt, sand and gravel. Three hours later at a construction site of nowhere reached me the bad news : ferry service set , because of technical problems.

Reverse is no longer the gas station in Enterprise is now out of reach. The only other one is in Fort Simpson on the other side of the Liard River. What to do ? "Go to the pier and campiere there," says a worker with a grin : " Can only be a few days. " A motorist that I stop a little later , comes back from there. " The now waiting for a replacement part. , But when that is flown , no one knows. "

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Summer trip to The Caribbean

Yearning for the family , the anticipation of the home and the friends. It took a few days , but now , I write this as we start the first port in France , has what we thought and felt in Martinique , is subverted. The conversations at the dinner table turn no longer experiences the final stages , but what we want to do at home. What is it with our families during the holiday season traditionally food? Is the sister to come with their children to the parents or we will visit them ? How will it be to be home again? As it is for the first time in over a year to put his other clothes? We talked about German bread and German beer , smoked about " awl Worscht " and mulled wine. Noticed And in how the homesickness triumphed more about the wanderlust with every nautical mile with ferry from rosslare to cherbourg france.

Even the highlights of passage, such as the barbecue including pork or the tour of the ship , could not distract us. Our gaze was directed to the west. The nights that we played with the third passenger , Julien , a Frenchman who in Guadeloupe started on his journey home to two and a half years until the early morning hours Canasta , declined. The days when we moved us into a quiet corner , reading , writing diary or simply indulged our thoughts on deck increased.

What else happened on this boat trip ? Not much. None has become seasick , even though the Atlantic was partially from its rough side and the waves swept everything off the shelves and the tables , which was not tied. The food was as you would expect for a ship flying the French flag. More accessible and excellent. There was good wine and fresh baguette , the stewards served in the livery and the officers , crew on færge frederikshavn til oslo and the passengers remained largely separate.

Now we , ten days at sea , in three days we will arrive in Le Havre and a day later we will be back at home. In Martinique, before or even more , was the unreal to us. It seemed as though the journey only just begun. Now we are sitting here , wear long pants, sweaters and socks in solid shoes and can not wait to see our families. Martinique? The Caribbean? South America or the Pacific ? Wonderful places that are now no more meaningless name , but filled with experiences and memories. They are there, they are still very much present , and some places will be safe again seen. But all in good time. Well first of all comes the Christmas tree , the family and the party goose. And I'm very glad I had this shipping to remember to how much I look forward to it and checking new færge frederikshavn til Gøteborg.

When we homed us in the marina, there was no sign of Torsten and his friend. We called them and half an hour later, two figures came from a small dinghy climbed, we would not have expected in the marina that.

It simply lacks the rocking of the waves. Beside him is a Rastafarian, dreadlocks wrapped into an imposing tower and also slowly graying beard in braids that reached almost to his chest, which of course graced a T-shirt with a picture of Bob Marley. After a friendly greeting and a casual small talk it was clear to both: they had found their crew. And for us, it was clear that we would leave us command of these two happy. We had our boats and our captain found. And we wasted no more thoughts to a barge.

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